CBD Box Factory

2175 Lemoine Ave
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

CBDboxfactory.com is a smart, nimble printer, using latest technology to save cost for its smaller clients. We focus on no minimums, so people can order whatever quantity they want. We understand packaging, and how to help your product stand out on the retail shelf or online. CBD Box Factory has developed a reputation supporting new businesses with the philosophy that no packaging order is too small, and CBD Box Factory will work with business owners on reasonable and affordable packaging prices.Unlike our competitors, if it helps our CBD customers, we will provide digital proofing free of charge and gladly take very small runs of 50 or 100 pieces. Usually printing and packaging costs can be expensive for a unique ‘run’ but we have offered flexibility and cost efficiencies for more than 100 CBD startups who are loyal and love working with us. We guide them on ingredients and legal packaging language and save on roll-out time and shipping costs, taking on whatever tasks can be done in-house. We are known for CBD specialty packaging as well as serving OTC Beauty and Skincare. Food and Beverage, Promotions, Holiday and General Shipping packaging and boxes Address : 2175 Lemoine Ave, Fort Lee. NJ 07020 Contact Number : 510-462-5995 E-mail : sales@cbdboxfactory.com Website : https://www.cbdboxfactory.com/ Contact Person : Ammar Khan
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