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Do you have any questions about podiatry conditions and treatments? Would like to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist, foot doctor, Dr. Sophia Solomon of Manhattan Foot Specialists, please contact our office for consultation with NYC Foot doctor. The reasons vary why people want to get cosmetic surgery. It’s understandable why face-lifts are in such a big demand or why you may want a tummy tuck to show off a sculpted figure. On the other hand, it may be a little more baffling why you might want to have better-looking fee. Think about it, though. If you wear sandals, spend a considerable amount of time barefoot by the pool or at the beach, or just want to impress a partner, the idea of cosmetic foot surgery may not be that far out. In fact, cosmetic foot surgery is on the rise. If it’s something you want to pursue, talk to the best podiatrist you can find in NYC before proceeding with a plastic surgeon. There’s even an aesthetic foot surgery clinic in Beverly Hills, California, that’s dubbed its procedure the “Cinderella Effect” as it’s gained popularity. The best NYC podiatrist may be able to provide similar services, but under the guise of bunion surgery or corn removal, which are medical procedures that have a similar effect. The main difference is that Cinderella-like clients ask for the surgery as a preventive measure to make their feet look sleek, whereas bunion or corn removal by your foot doctor in NYC is performed when your bunions have become so severe that they affect your quality of life and impede normal walking. This type of surgery is also covered by insurance, unlike purely cosmetic surgery. Phone: 212-389-1340 Website: www.footdoctorpodiatristnyc.com Hours: Mon-Thur 8 a.m - 7 p.m, Fri - 8 a.m - 5p.m Payment method: All cc, cash, checks.
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